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Why a print newsletter in the digital age?


Yes, we actually print LF Examiner on paper and send it to you by snail mail. Here's why:


Ease of use. Nine times a year, LF Examiner arrives on your desk with all the latest news at a glance. Read what you want and skip over the rest. No need to surf the Web day after day to see if something new (and probably irrelevant to you) has been posted. And let's face it, computer displays still are not as easy to read as print on paper, especially for longer articles.


Superior journalism. Without the pressure of a daily deadline, we have plenty of time to check our facts and get the story right the first time. 


Portability. You can take the print newsletter with you anywhere you go: on the plane, the bus, the train, or into the bathroom. No internet connection needed!


Savings. It is complicated and expensive to provide digital information to subscribers while preventing it from being viewed by non-subscribers. That's a cost we don't have to pass along to you.


E-mail Alerts. When there is important breaking news between issues, we send subscribers e-mail alerts, so you won't miss a thing. 


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