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James Hyder, editorEditor/Publisher James Hyder 


LF Examiner is edited and published by James Hyder. Mr. Hyder has worked in the LF industry since 1984, and has experience in all phases of the industry: production, distribution, and exhibition.


In the 1970s, Hyder worked hands-on in audio and video production. In 1984 he started working at the Langley IMAX theater at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. As manager of the most popular IMAX theater in the world, he learned the concerns of exhibitors. 


While at NASM he assisted in the development and production of several IMAX films, including Cosmic Voyage, although he modestly declines to accept any direct credit for its Oscar nomination. 


In his last position at the Smithsonian, Hyder researched the LF distribution business and reported on establishing a film distribution office for the Smithsonian.


In 1997 Hyder founded MaxImage!, the first independent publication dedicated exclusively to the LF industry. He has been its editor and publisher through its renaming to LF Examiner in late 2000 to the present day. 



Associate Editor William Hyder worked for 34 years at the Baltimore Sunday Sunpapers as a columnist and editor. In 1997 he published a collection of essays on Sherlock Holmes entitled From Baltimore to Baker Street.



LF Examiner also features the work of guest writers and reviewers. 





LF Examiner frequently includes contributions and interviews of top industry leaders, including:



Steve Bishop

Patricia Brandino

James Cameron

Ed Capelle

Michael Caulfield

Arabella Cecil

Peter Crane

Joe DeAmicis

Mary Jane Dodge

Paul Fraser

Richard Gelfond

Ron Goodman

Gord Harris

Don Iwerks

Leanne Jefferies

Steve Judson

Valentine Kass

Joseph Kleiman

Roman Kroitor

Ed Lantz

Jordi Llompart

Harry Lynch

Greg MacGillivray

Don MacBain

Joanna Baldwin Mallory

Dennis Earl Moore

James Neihouse

James O'Leary

Peter Parks

Mark Peterson

Sean Phillips

Art Repola

Mose Richards

Judith Rubin

Steve Schklair

Ben Shedd

Marty Shindler

Bayley Silleck

Ben Stassen

Hiroyuki Suzuki

Gina Trimarco

Bradley Wechsler

John Weiley

Tim White







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