Converted Theaters

Theaters listed here have been converted from film to digital or from one digital format to a later one. In the case of theaters that have been converted more than once, only the most recent change is shown.

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Updated on Oct. 17, 2021.

Previous Format/Projector Key
1070: 10-perf, 70mm film
1570: 15-perf, 70mm film
2K: Non-IMAX 2K Digital
4K: Non-IMAX 4K Digital
870: 8-perf, 70mm film

GT: IMAX 15/70 2D film projector, 1.43 aspect ratio
GT3D: IMAX 15/70 3D film projector, dual rotor, 1.43 AR
ID1: IMAX digital, first gen (xenon), 1.9 AR
MPX: IMAX 15/70 film projector, for multiplexes, 1.9 AR
SR: IMAX 15/70 film projector, small rotor, 1.43 AR

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DateCountryCity TheaterProjProjFormat2D/3DFlat/ DomeSeatsPrev
2021/10/29 USA San Diego Fleet Science Center IMAXIMAXDL2DD314GT
2020 AUSTRIA Graz CineplexX Graz & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF340ID1
2020 JAPAN Fukuoka United Cinemas Canal City & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF360ID1
2020 JAPAN Sapporo United Cinemas Sapporo Factory & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF467ID1
2020 JAPAN Tokyo United Cinemas Toshimaen & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF383ID1
2020 JAPAN Urawa United Cinemas Urawa & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF386ID1
2020 USA Columbia AMC Columbia 14 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF271ID1
2020/12/09 UK London Science Museum, London IMAXIMAX1570+DL23DF450GT3D
2020/11/30 USA Birmingham McWane Science Center IMAXIMAXDL2DD280GT
2020/11/30 USA Boston Museum of Science Boston IMAXIMAXDL2DD335GT
2020/09/01 NETHERLANDS Hague Omniversum ESESDL52DD296GT
2020/03/13 USA Hamilton AMC Hamilton 24 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF293ID1
2020/02/15 USA Boston New England Aquarium BARCOBARCODL23DF378GT3D
2020/02/07 INDONESIA Jakarta Gandaria XXI IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF391ID1
2019 AUSTRIA Vienna CineplexX Apollo Vienna & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF380ID1
2019 USA Cherry Hill AMC Cherry Hill 24 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF480ID1
2019 USA Gaithersburg AMC DINE-IN Rio Cinemas 18 IMAXIMAXDL3DF248ID1
2019 USA Houston Edwards Houston Marq*e 23 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF409ID1
2019 USA Irvine Regal Irvine Spectrum 21 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+DL3DF574ID1
2019 USA King of Prussia UA King Of Prussia Stadium 16 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+DL3DF340ID1
2019 USA Los Angeles AMC Century City 15 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF271ID1
2019 USA Lynnwood AMC Alderwood Mall 16 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF371ID1
2019 USA Methuen AMC Methuen 20 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF315ID1
2019 USA Milford Connecticut Post 14 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF363ID1
2019 USA New Brunswick AMC New Brunswick 18 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF416ID1
2019 USA New Rochelle Regal New Roc Stadium 18 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+DL3DF232ID1
2019 USA New York AMC Kips Bay 15 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF330ID1
2019 USA New York AMC 34th Street 14 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF212ID1
2019 USA Orange AMC Orange 30 IMAXIMAXDL3DF449ID1
2019 USA Paramus AMC Garden State 16 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF324ID1
2019 USA Rockaway AMC Rockaway 16 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF291ID1
2019 USA Roseville AMC Rosedale 14 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF271ID1
2019 USA Santa Clara AMC Mercado 20 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF370ID1
2019 USA Torrance AMC Del Amo 18 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF248ID1
2019 USA Westminster AMC Westminster Promenade 24 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF421ID1
2019/11/29 USA Saint Louis Saint Louis Science Center IMAXIMAXDL2DD270GT
2019/11/02 USA Mobile Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center D3DD3DDL32DD177GT
2019/10/17 USA Saint Paul Science Museum of Minnesota IMAXIMAXDL2DF+D340GT
2019/04/23 INDIA New Delhi BAPS Shree Swaminarayan Mandir BARCOBARCODL22DF512870
2019/04/01 USA McLean AMC Tysons Corner 16 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF510ID1
2019/03/08 USA Baltimore Maryland Science Center IMAXIMAXD3DF400GT3D
2019/02/28 USA Huntsville U.S. Space & Rocket Center ESESDL52DD248GT
2019/02/01 USA Nashville Regal Opry Mills Stadium 20 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+DL3DF496ID1
2019/01/31 USA Burbank AMC Burbank 16 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF406ID1
2019/01/31 USA Rowland Heights AMC Puente 20 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF447ID1
2019/01/12 USA Rochester Rochester Museum and Science Center ESESD2DD130870
2019/01/01 INDIA Hyderabad Prasads IMAX CHRISCHRISDL23DF630GT3D
2018 AUSTRIA Vienna CineplexX Donau Plex IMAX Vienna IMAXIMAXDL3DF478ID1
2018 CHINA Lanzhou Lanzhou Wanda & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DFID1
2018 CHINA Liuzhou Liuzhou Chengzhong Wanda & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DFID1
2018 CHINA Shanghai Wanda Shanghai Baoshan & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF247ID1
2018 CHINA Taiyuan Taiyuan Wanda & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DFID1
2018 FRANCE Labege Innopole Cinema Gaumont Labege & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF462ID1
2018 JAPAN Kawasaki 109 Cinemas Kawasaki & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF449ID1
2018 JAPAN Nagoya-shi 109 Cinemas Nagoya IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF316ID1
2018 NETHERLANDS Hague Pathe Spuimarkt & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF492ID1
2018 NETHERLANDS Rotterdam Pathe Schouwburgplein & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF396ID1
2018 USA Buford Regal Mall of Georgia Stadium 20 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+DL3DF400GT3D
2018 USA Cincinnati Cincinnati Museum Center IMAXIMAXDL2DD269GT
2018 USA Dallas AMC Northpark 15 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF410ID1
2018 USA Deer Park Regal Deer Park 16 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF339ID1
2018 USA Emeryville AMC Bay Street 16 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF309ID1
2018 USA Kansas City AMC BarryWoods 24 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF432ID1
2018 USA New York AMC Empire 25 & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF285ID1
2018 USA San Antonio Santikos Palladium IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF393MPX
2018/12/01 EGYPT Alexandria Bibliotheca Alexandrina RSARSADL22DD100870
2018/12/01 USA Kennedy Space Center IMAX 2 IMAXIMAXDL3DF436GT3D
2018/11/30 USA Charleston Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences ESESD3DD175870
2018/11/04 USA San Jose Tech Interactive IMAXIMAXDL2DD295GT
2018/11/02 NETHERLANDS Amsterdam Pathe Arena & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL3DF480ID1
2018/10/31 JAPAN Hamaoka Hamaoka Nuclear Exhibition Center NECNECDL3DD160GT
2018/07/01 INDIA Kolkata Science City ZEISSZEISSD2DD3601070
2018/03/30 USA Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo CHRISCHRISDL3DF358GT3D
2017/12/09 USA Jersey City Liberty Science Center ESESD2DD392GT
2017/11/01 CANADA Toronto Ontario Place Corporation IMAXIMAX1570+DL23DF723GT3D
2017/09/07 USA Chicago Navy Pier IMAX at AMC IMAXIMAXDL23DF300GT3D
2017/07/18 SOUTH KOREA Yongsang CGV Yongsan IMAX IMAXIMAXDL23DFID1
2017/06/25 KUWAIT Salmiya Scientific Center of Kuwait IMAXIMAXDL23DF250SR
2017/05/29 USA Chicago Museum of Science and Industry D3DD3DDL32DD353GT
2017/05/01 USA Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Adventure Theater BARCOBARCOD2DF314870
2017/05/01 USA San Simeon Hearst Castle Theater BARCOBARCODL2DF420870
2017/02/23 CANADA Montreal Montreal Science Centre IMAXIMAXDL23DF380GT3D
2017/02/02 USA Atlanta Fernbank Museum of Natural History CHRISCHRISDL23DF315GT
2016 FRANCE Marne-la-Vallée Gaumont Disney Village & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL23DF575ID1
2016 GERMANY Nuremberg Cinecitta Multiplexkino SONYSONYD3DF5114K
2016 JAPAN Tokorozawa Tokorozawa Aviation Museum unkunkD3DF206GT
2016/12/15 COLOMBIA Bogota Maloka Interactive Science Center ZEISSZEISSD3DD314870
2016/12/14 BELGIUM Brussels Kinepolis IMAX Theatre IMAXIMAXDL23DF400GT
2016/11/18 USA New York AMC Lincoln Square 13 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+DL23DF472GT3D
2016/10/01 USA Austin Bullock Texas State History Museum IMAXIMAXDL23DF329GT3D
2016/10/01 USA Cleveland Great Lakes Science Center D3DD3DDL33DD320GT
2016/09/30 USA Fort Lauderdale Museum of Discovery and Science IMAXIMAX1570+DL23DF294GT3D
2016/09/17 USA Milwaukee Milwaukee Public Museum ESESD3DD275GT
2016/09/15 USA Phoenix Arizona Science Center BARCOBARCOD3DF285SR
2016/07/29 MEXICO Toluca Cinepolis IMAX Toluca Centro IMAXIMAXD3DF300GT3D
2016/07/01 USA Alamogordo New Mexico Museum of Space History SPITZSPITZDL2DD92GT
2016/06/22 FRANCE Montpellier Gaumont Montpellier Multiplexe & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL23DF418GT3D
2016/04/04 USA Dearborn The Henry Ford CHRISCHRISD3DF422GT3D
2016/04/01 CHINA Harbin Harbin Tai Lai Era & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL23DFID1
2016/04/01 CHINA Shenyang Liaoning Science & Technology Museum IMAXIMAXDL23DF596ID1
2016/04/01 FRANCE Jaunay-Clan Futuroscope - Kinemax IMAX Theatre IMAXIMAXDL23DF108GT
2016/04/01 TAIWAN Taipei Miramar IMAX, Miramar Cinemas IMAXIMAXDL23DF406GT3D
2016/03/25 CANADA Gatineau Canadian Museum of History BARCOBARCO1570+DL23DF+D300GT
2016/03/25 USA Branson Branson's IMAX Entertainment Complex IMAXIMAXDL23DF380GT
2016/03/24 CANADA Victoria Royal British Columbia Museum IMAXIMAXDL23DF369ID1
2016/03/07 USA Washington National Air and Space Museum IMAXIMAXDL23DF487SR
2016/03/04 GERMANY Sinsheim IMAX 3D Theatre Sinsheim IMAXIMAXDL23DF350GT3D
2016/03/01 USA NAS Pensacola National Naval Aviation Museum CHRISCHRISDL2DF534GT
2016/02/10 USA Indianapolis Indiana State Museum IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF404GT3D
2016/02/07 CANADA Sudbury Science North IMAXIMAXDL23DF200GT
2016/02/01 USA Chattanooga Tennessee Aquarium IMAXIMAXDL23DF291GT3D
2015 CHINA Tianjin Tianjin Science & Technology Museum ESESD2DD300870
2015 COLOMBIA Bogota IMAX, Plaza de las Americas IMAXIMAXD3DF603GT3D
2015 FRANCE St. Ours-Les-Roche Vulcania CHRISCHRISD3DF870
2015 GREECE Athens Eugenides Planetarium SSSS1570+DL2DD2781570
2015 JAPAN Sagamihara-shi Sagamihara City Museum LIBLIBD2DD2501570
2015 JAPAN Saitama-shi Saitama City Space Theater GOTOGOTOD2DD295GT
2015 SINGAPORE Singapore Science Centre Singapore ESESD3DD276GT
2015 TAIWAN Kaohsiung National Science and Technology Museum CHRISCHRISD3DF306GT3D
2015 USA Apple Valley IMAX Theatre, Minnesota Zoo IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF480
2015 USA Corsicana Cook Center, Navarro College ESESD2DD200870
2015/12/04 USA Columbus National Infantry Museum CHRISCHRISDL23DF295SR
2015/11/13 CHINA Dongguan Dongguan Wanda & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL23DF561GT3D
2015/11/12 NEW ZEALAND Auckland Event Cinemas Queen Street & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL23DF436GT3D
2015/10/28 GERMANY Berlin CineStar Berlin & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL23DF480GT3D
2015/10/26 UK Sheffield Cineworld Sheffield & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL23DF585
2015/10/06 USA New Orleans Entergy Giant Screen Theatre CHRISCHRISD3DF360GT3D
2015/10/05 USA Universal City Universal Cinema AMC at CityWalk Hollywood IMAXIMAX1570+DL23DF422GT3D
2015/10/02 CANADA Edmonton Telus World of Science Edmonton IMAXIMAXDL23DF274GT
2015/09/18 UK London Cineworld Leicester Square & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL23DF750
2015/09/18 USA Reading Sunbrella IMAX 3D Theater, Jordan's Furniture Reading IMAXIMAXDL23DF502SR
2015/09/16 AUSTRALIA Melbourne IMAX Theatre Melbourne IMAXIMAX1570+DL23DF484GT3D
2015/09/09 USA San Francisco AMC Metreon 16 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+DL23DF600GT3D
2015/09/01 UK Bradford National Media Museum IMAXIMAXD3DF349SR
2015/07/30 UK South Wirral Vue Cheshire Oaks & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF
2015/07/01 USA Macon Douglass Theatre BARCOBARCOD2DF870
2015/05/11 GERMANY Karlsruhe Filmpalast am ZKM IMAXIMAXDL23DF870
2015/05/01 USA Chantilly Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center IMAXIMAXDL23DF478GT
2015/04/30 USA Seattle Boeing IMAX Theatre IMAXIMAXDL23DF370GT3D
2015/04/01 USA Hollywood TCL Chinese Theatres IMAXIMAXDL23DF932SR
2014 BANGLADESH Dhaka Bhasani Novo Theatre GOTOGOTO1070+D2DD2751070
2014 JAPAN Kurashiki-shi Kurashiki Science Center GOTOGOTOD2DD2101070
2014 JAPAN Nagasaki-shi Nagasaki Science Museum ESESD2DD280870
2014 JAPAN Sakai-gun Fukui Children's Science Centre GOTOGOTOD2DD2561070
2014 JAPAN Tondabayashi-shi Tondabayashi Subaru Hall GOTOGOTOD2DD2001070
2014 MEXICO Veracruz Cinépolis IMAX - Acuario de Veracruz IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF263GT
2014 SPAIN La Coruna Casa De Las Ciencias unkunkD3DD116870
2014 SPAIN Las Palmas Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Tecnologia unkunkD3DF172870
2014 USA Tempe Harkins Arizona Mills 25 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF412GT3D
2014/12/17 CANADA Toronto Scotiabank Toronto & IMAX IMAXIMAXDL23DF408GT3D
2014/11/01 USA Galveston Moody Gardens CHRISCHRISDL23DF400GT3D
2014/10/31 USA Virginia Beach Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center BARCOBARCOD3DF267GT3D
2014/10/18 USA Harrisburg Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts NECNECD3DF209GT3D
2014/06/14 USA Jackson Davis Planetarium KMKMD2DD190870
2014/05/15 FINLAND Oulun Kapunki Tietomaa Science Center, Oulu BARCOBARCOD3DF210870
2014/05/01 USA San Antonio AMC Rivercenter 11 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF426GT
2014/05/01 USA West Yellowstone Yellowstone Giant Screen Theatre NECNECD2DF356GT
2014/04/18 USA San Antonio AMC Rivercenter 11 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF320
2014/03/01 USA Memphis Memphis Museums, Inc. BARCOBARCOD3DF240GT
2014/03/01 USA Richmond Science Museum of Virginia ESESD3DD250GT
2014/02/12 USA West Nyack AMC Palisades Center 21 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF361GT3D
2014/02/08 USA Louisville Kentucky Science Center BARCOBARCOD3DF230GT
2014/01/31 USA New York American Museum of Natural History IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF598GT
2013 ECUADOR Guayaquil Cinema Malecon CHRISCHRISD3DD186GT
2013 INDIA Kapurthala Pushpa Gujral Science City ESES1570+D2DD3251570
2013 JAPAN Tatebayashi-shi Mukai Chiaki Children's Science Museum GOTOGOTOD2DD2401070
2013 SINGAPORE Singapore Singapore Discovery Centre, Ltd. unkunkD3DF344870
2013 TAIWAN Taichung National Museum of Natural Science ESESD2DD304GT
2013 TAIWAN Taichung Bird's Eye Theater BARCOBARCOD2DD1070
2013 USA Manchester Buckland Hills 18 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF226MPX
2013 USA Reno Fleischmann Planetarium ELUELUD2DD60870
2013/11/08 SOUTH AFRICA Durban Gateway IMAX Theatre IMAXIMAXD3DFGT
2013/10/03 CANADA Montreal Cinema Banque Scotia Montreal & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF340GT3D
2013/10/03 CANADA Quebec Cinema Cineplex IMAX aux Galeries de la Capitale IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF344GT3D
2013/09/05 UK Glasgow Glasgow Science Centre IMAXIMAXD3DF370GT3D
2013/07/01 USA Kenner Kenner Planetarium & MegaDome Cinema EPLANEPLAN870+D2DD118870
2013/05/24 BRAZIL Sao Paulo Espaço Itau de Cinema IMAX, Bourbon Shopping Centre IMAXIMAXD3DF326ID1
2013/04/30 ARGENTINA Buenos Aires IMAX Theatre Showcase IMAXIMAXD3DF383GT3D
2013/04/30 USA Ontario Edwards Ontario Palace Stadium 22 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF480GT3D
2013/03/30 USA Laie Polynesian Cultural Center CHRISCHRISD3DF463GT
2013/03/26 USA Atlantic City Tropicana Casino And Resort IMAXIMAXD3DF287SR
2013/03/01 USA Dayton National Museum of the U.S. Air Force BARCOBARCOD3DF400GT
2013/03/01 USA Orlando Regal Pointe Orlando Stadium 20 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF424GT3D
2013/01/31 AUSTRALIA Sydney IMAX Theatre Darling Harbour IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF410GT3D
2013/01/31 USA Kansas City Union Station Kansas City BARCOBARCOD3DF4401570
2013/01/04 TAIWAN Keelung National Museum of Marine Science & Technology IMAXIMAXD3DFGT3D
2012 THAILAND Bangkok KrungSri IMAX Paragon CinePlex IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF491GT3D
2012/12/14 UK London BFI IMAX Theater IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF477GT3D
2012/10/26 UK Manchester Vue Manchester IMAX & The Printworks IMAXIMAXDL23DF378GT3D
2012/10/05 USA Hutchinson Cosmosphere BARCOBARCOD2DD114GT
2012/10/01 USA Garden City Cradle of Aviation Museum IMAXIMAX1570+D2DD300GT
2012/10/01 USA Sioux Falls Washington Pavilion of Arts and Sciences BARCOBARCOD2DD172870
2012/09/28 USA Natick Sunbrella IMAX 3D Theater, Jordan's Furniture Natick IMAXIMAXD3DF264SR
2012/09/21 USA Sacramento Esquire IMAX Theatre IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF420GT3D
2012/09/14 USA Council Bluffs AMC Star Council Bluffs 17 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF346MPX
2012/07/19 USA Erie Tom Ridge Environmental Center CHRISCHRIS870+D2DF175870
2012/07/05 CHINA Hong Kong UA IMAX Theatre @ Airport IMAXIMAXD3DF350870
2012/07/01 JAPAN Tokyo Tamarokuto Science Center GOTOGOTOD2DD2541570
2012/05/12 USA Corpus Christi USS Lexington Museum BARCOBARCODL23DF193870
2012/05/03 CHINA Xi-An IMAX Da Ming Palace IMAXIMAXD3DF288GT3D
2012/04/30 JAPAN Koriyama City Koriyama Municipal Science Museum GOTOGOTOD2DD2341070
2012/04/13 MEXICO Puebla Planetario Puebla VIOSOVIOSOD2DD270GT
2012/03/30 CANADA Langley Cineplex Cinemas Langley & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF254SR
2012/03/30 CANADA Richmond SilverCity Riverport & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF259SR
2012/03/23 USA McMinnville Evergreen Aviation Museum BARCOBARCOD3DF234SR
2012/03/02 CANADA Mississauga Cineplex Cinemas Mississauga & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF262SR
2012/03/02 CANADA Vaughan Cineplex Cinemas Vaughan & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF260SR
2012/02/24 USA Houston Houston Museum of Natural Science BARCOBARCOD3DF395GT3D
2012/02/17 CANADA Calgary Scotiabank Chinook & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF260SR
2012/02/17 CANADA Edmonton Scotiabank Edmonton & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF256SR
2012/02/10 CANADA Gloucester Scotiabank Ottawa & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF439MPX
2012/02/10 USA Providence Providence Place Cinemas 16 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF424GT3D
2012/01/26 USA Davenport Putnam Museum and Science Center BARCOBARCOD3DF270SR
2011 TAIWAN Taipei Taipei Astronomical Museum GIGID3DD304GT
2011 USA Cathedral City Ultrastar Cinemas Desert Cinema CHRISCHRISD3DF279SR
2011/12/21 USA Seattle PACCAR IMAX Theatre IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF290GT
2011/12/01 USA Parker Wildlife Experience NECNECD3DF308870
2011/10/28 USA Lakewood Regal UA Colorado Mills Stadium 16 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF416
2011/10/26 USA Hastings Hastings Museum NECNECD3DF211870
2011/10/22 UK Birmingham Millennium Point Cinema BARCOBARCOD3DF365GT3D
2011/08/26 USA Colleyville B+B Colleyville Cinema Grille & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF276MPX
2011/08/01 USA Baton Rouge Louisiana Art and Science Museum SSSSD2DD150870
2011/07/31 RUSSIA Moscow Kinosfera IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF371SR
2011/06/29 TURKEY Ankara Cinemaximum ANKAmall LG & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF294SR
2011/06/28 TURKEY Istinye-Istanbul Cinemaximum IstinyePark LG & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF311MPX
2011/06/28 UAE Dubai Novo Cinemas Ibn Battuta Mall & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF348MPX
2011/06/15 USA Columbus COSI Columbus CHRISCHRISD3DF391870
2011/06/01 CANADA Saint Félicien Zoo Sauvage de St-Félicien CHRISCHRISD3DF870
2011/05/26 USA Albuquerque New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science BARCOBARCOD3DF270870
2011/05/06 USA Dallas Cinemark 17 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF257GT
2011/04/29 USA Grand Rapids Celebration! Cinema Grand Rapids North & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF281SR
2011/04/27 GUATEMALA Guatemala City IMAX Pradera Concepcion IMAXIMAXD3DF352SR
2011/03/28 CANADA Halifax Scotiabank Halifax & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF271SR
2011/03/25 USA Dublin Regal Hacienda Crossings Stadium 21 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF385GT3D
2011/03/25 USA Rochester Cinemark Tinseltown USA & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF253SR
2011/03/25 USA Sappington Marcus Ronnies 20 Cine & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF270MPX
2011/03/25 USA Woodridge Cinemark @ Seven Bridges & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF252SR
2011/03/10 HUNGARY Budapest Simple IMAX, Cinema City Budapest IMAXIMAXD3DF398GT3D
2011/03/10 ROMANIA Bucharest T IMAX, AFI Palace Cotroceni IMAXIMAXD3DF398GT3D
2011/02/23 USA Boise Edwards Boise Stadium 22 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF268SR
2011/02/18 USA Colorado Springs Cinemark Carefree Circle & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF263SR
2011/02/18 USA Denver UA Colorado Center Stadium 9 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF365SR
2011/02/18 USA Fresno Edwards Fresno Stadium 22 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF273SR
2011/02/18 USA Lincolnshire Regal Lincolnshire Stadium 21 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF260SR
2011/02/18 USA Tarentum Cinemark Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF343MPX
2011/02/17 CZECH REPUBLIC Prague IMAX Theatre, Palace Flora IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF379GT3D
2011/02/16 USA Las Vegas Brenden Theatres & IMAX at the Palms IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF183SR
2011/02/04 POLAND Warsaw Cinema City IMAX Warszawa IMAXIMAXD3DF383GT3D
2011/02/02 USA Raleigh Marbles Kids Museum IMAXIMAXD3DF267SR
2011/02/01 USA Tomball Regal Lone Star 19 & IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF411MPX
2011/01/29 USA Saint Augustine World Golf Hall of Fame IMAXIMAXD3DF299GT
2011/01/14 USA Ypsilanti Ann Arbor 20 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF422MPX
2011/01/01 AUSTRALIA Coomera Dreamworld NECNECD3DF315GT
2010 JAPAN Kagawa-gun Sanuki Children's Center GOTOGOTOD2DD2001070
2010 JAPAN Kofu-shi Yamanashi Science Museum GOTOGOTOD2DD2001070
2010 JAPAN Tokyo National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation GOTOGOTOD2DD1121070
2010 JAPAN Tokyo Setagaya Educational Center GOTOGOTOD2DD1801070
2010 SOUTH KOREA Daejeon National Science Museum GOTOGOTOD2DD2831070
2010 SOUTH KOREA Seoul 63 City NECNECD3DF488GT
2010 SWEDEN Gothenburg Liseberg AB unkunkD3DF870
2010/12/16 CHINA Hong Kong UA Megabox & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF256MPX
2010/12/16 CHINA Wuhan Studio City Wuhan & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF648MPX
2010/12/16 COSTA RICA San Jose Nova Cinemas IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF276MPX
2010/12/16 PHILIPPINES Manila SM Mall of Asia IMAX IMAXIMAX1570+D3DF586GT3D
2010/12/16 QATAR Doha IMAX 3D, Villagio Mall IMAXIMAXD3DF283GT3D
2010/12/16 RUSSIA Perm Kristall IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF254SR
2010/12/16 RUSSIA Ufa Iskra IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF348SR
2010/12/16 USA Louisville AMC Stonybrook 20 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF207MPX
2010/12/16 USA Tulsa Cinemark Tulsa & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF260SR
2010/11/19 BULGARIA Sofia Cinema City IMAX, Mall of Sofia IMAXIMAXD3DF397GT3D
2010/11/19 POLAND Katowice Cinema City IMAX Katowice IMAXIMAXD3DF396GT3D
2010/11/19 POLAND Krakow Cinema City IMAX Krakow IMAXIMAXD3DF424GT3D
2010/11/19 POLAND Poznan Cinema City IMAX Poznan IMAXIMAXD3DF458GT3D
2010/11/19 USA Salt Lake City Clark Planetarium IMAXIMAXD3DF292SR
2010/11/19 USA Santa Clarita Edwards Valencia Stadium 12 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF262SR
2010/10/31 USA Killeen Central Texas College SCISSSCISSD2DD180870
2010/10/09 CANADA Regina Saskatchewan Science Centre IMAXIMAX15703DF159GT
2010/10/08 USA Denver Denver Museum of Nature and Science IMAXIMAXD3DF413GT
2010/10/01 JAPAN Shari-gun Shiretoko Nature Center NECNECD3DF300870
2010/10/01 USA Tallahassee Challenger Learning Center IMAXIMAXD3DF287GT
2010/09/24 USA Hampton Virginia Air and Space Science Center IMAXIMAXD3DF285GT
2010/09/23 JAPAN Toyohashi-shi Toyohashi Museum of Natural History NECNECD2DF320870
2010/09/16 SOUTH KOREA Incheon CGV Incheon & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF439MPX
2010/09/09 USA Cincinnati Springdale 18: Cinema de Lux & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF353MPX
2010/09/09 USA Saco Saco Cinemagic & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF354MPX
2010/09/09 USA White Plains City Center 15: Cinema De Lux & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF339MPX
2010/09/09 USA Williamsville Regal Transit Center Stadium 18 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF260SR
2010/06/14 CHINA Suzhou Suzhou Culture & Arts Centre IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DFMPX
2010/05/25 USA Fitchburg AMC Fitchburg 18 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF349MPX
2010/05/07 USA Grand Blanc NCG Trillium & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF327MPX
2010/05/07 USA Lansing Celebration! Cinema & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF330SR
2010/05/07 USA Sandy Megaplex 17 & IMAX, Jordan Commons IMAXIMAXD3DF446GT
2010/04/29 SOUTH KOREA Seoul CGV Wangsimni IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF303MPX
2010/03/28 CHINA Shanghai IMAX, Peace Cinema IMAXIMAXD3DF358GT3D
2010/03/26 MEXICO Mexico City Cinepolis Universidad & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF304SR
2010/03/26 MEXICO Mexico City Cinepolis Perisur & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF271SR
2010/03/25 USA Tampa Channelside Cinemas SONYSONYD3DF263SR
2010/03/04 RUSSIA Saint Petersburg Coca-Cola IMAX Kinostar City IMAXIMAXD3DF401MPX
2010/03/04 USA Batavia Randall 15 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF383MPX
2010/03/03 USA Noblesville Hamilton 16 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF455MPX
2010/03/03 USA Portage Portage 16 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF451MPX
2010/02/09 CHINA Beijing IMAX Dome, China Science and Technology Museum IMAXIMAX15702DD6321070
2010/01/04 CHINA Beijing Beijing UME & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF390MPX
2009 CHINA Hong Kong Hong Kong Space Museum IMAXIMAX1570+D2DD316GT
2009 DENMARK Copenhagen Planetarium ESESDL82DD240GT
2009 JAPAN Matsusaka City Mie Adventure Park GOTOGOTOD2DD250870
2009 JAPAN Osaka-shi Science Museum, Osaka GOTOGOTOD2DD312GT
2009 MALAYSIA Kuala Lumpur National Planetarium SSSSD2DD200870
2009/12/18 USA Evansville Showplace Cinemas East & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF296MPX
2009/12/17 MEXICO Guadalajara Cinepolis Galerias & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF320SR
2009/12/17 MEXICO Monterrey Cinepolis Valle Oriente & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF409SR
2009/10/28 POLAND Lodz Cinema City IMAX Lodz IMAXIMAXD3DF399GT3D
2009/10/28 SOUTH KOREA Gwangju CGV Gwangju IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF357MPX
2009/10/28 UKRAINE Kiev Planeta Kino Kyiv & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF326MPX
2009/10/28 USA Olathe AMC Studio 28 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF288MPX
2009/10/28 USA Sterling Heights AMC Forum 30 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF259MPX
2009/10/23 UK Bristol Blue Reef Aquarium IMAXIMAX15703DF351GT3D
2009/09/30 USA Lehi North American Museum of Ancient Life CHRISCHRISD3DF3251570
2009/09/18 CHINA Changsha Changsha Wanda & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF454MPX
2009/09/18 USA Little Rock AMC Chenal 9 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF375MPX
2009/09/15 USA San Diego San Diego Natural History Museum CHRISCHRISD3DF300870
2009/07/29 USA Mesa AMC Supersition East 12 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF260MPX
2009/07/15 INDIA Mumbai Carnival IMAX Wadala IMAXIMAXD3DF519GT
2009/07/01 JAPAN Fujisawa-shi Shonandai Cultural Center GOTOGOTOD2DD2001070
2009/07/01 UK Penrith Rheged Centre CHRISCHRISD3DF250870
2009/06/01 USA Saint Michael Cinemagic Metropolitan unkunkD3DF324MPX
2009/05/09 USA Columbus AMC Easton Town Center 30 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF277MPX
2009/05/07 USA Indianapolis AMC Indianapolis 17 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF351MPX
2009/03/31 CHINA Changchun Changchun Ouya Wanda & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF553MPX
2009/02/27 USA Knoxville Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF443MPX
2009/02/27 USA Phoenix AMC Deer Valley 17 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF296MPX
2009/02/27 USA Tigard Regal Bridgeport Village Stadium 18 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF318MPX
2009/02/13 USA Reading RC Reading Movies 11 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF340MPX
2009/01/09 USA Las Vegas Regal Red Rock Stadium 16 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF350MPX
2008 JAPAN Saitama-shi Saitama Space Science Hall GOTOGOTOD2DD2601070
2008 SWEDEN Stockholm Swedish Museum of Natural History IMAXIMAX1570+D2DD291GT
2008 SWITZERLAND Lucerne Swiss Transport Museum CHRISCHRISD3DF3981570
2008/12/12 USA San Diego Edwards Mira Mesa Stadium 18 & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF314MPX
2008/12/05 USA Hooksett Hooksett Cinemagic & IMAX IMAXIMAXD3DF353MPX
2008/07/01 USA Springdale Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theatre CHRISCHRISD3DF4861570
2007 FINLAND Vantaa Heureka, Finnish Science Centre SONYSONYD2DD200870
2007 NETHERLANDS Slagharen Attractiepark unkunkD3DF96870
2007 SPAIN Valencia Hemisferic IMAXIMAX1570+D2DD306GT
2007/05/09 USA Myrtle Beach Myrtle Beach IMAX 3D Theater IMAXIMAX15703DF404GT
2007/03/01 USA DFW Airport American Airlines C.R. Smith Museum unkunkD2DF108870
2006 JAPAN Tokyo Katsushika City Museum KMKMD2DD181870
2006/04/01 MEXICO Leon Patronato de Explora IMAXIMAX15703DF296GT
2005 USA Kennedy Space Center IMAX 1 IMAXIMAX15703DF395GT
2005/12/01 CANADA Winnipeg IMAX Theatre Winnipeg IMAXIMAX15703DF271GT
2005/11/30 JAPAN Kurume-shi Fukuoka Science Museum GOTOGOTOD2DD2611070
2003/12/25 USA Lubbock Science Spectrum CDCCDC15702DD176GT
2002 USA Houston Space Center Houston BARCOBARCOD2DF420GT
2002/11/22 USA Jupiter Crown Odyssey Theater KINOKINO8702DF2751570
2002/01/01 USA Orlando Muvico Pointe 21 MEGAMEGA8702DF480GT3D