June 2020: GS World Prepares to Reopen

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Museums and Theaters Prepare to Reopen

At the beginning of June, as the general lockdown caused by the coronavirus enters its sixth month in the Eastern Hemisphere and third month in the Western, the vast majority of all cinemas worldwide, giant-screen and conventional, remain closed. Our exclusive coverage of the crisis continues.

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Handling 3D Glasses in the Post-Pandemic World

Paul Fraser, principal of Blaze Cineworks, looks at how effective existing and new technologies are at disinfecting 3D glasses and the new procedures theaters will have to consider to reassure visitors in the post-COVID world.

Remembering 2005, a Pivotal Year for the GS Industry

Emlyn Koster recounts a key moment in the history of giant-screen world as the Giant Screen Theater Association faced a crisis, unified with the Large Format Cinema Association, and became the Giant Screen Cinema Association.

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In Production: 25 giant-screen films with credits and production updates.

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