February 2021: GS Films of 2020-21

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Giant-Screen Films of 2020-2021

This year’s annual report on new original GS films includes seven films that opened briefly in 2020, to limited bookings because of shutdowns caused by the pandemic. All told, as many as 20 new films will be available to GS theaters as they begin to reopen this year.

Visit the Films page and enter the year in the search box to see all films for that year, including Hollywood releases.

Cosm demos DomeX LED dome in Salt Lake City Experience Center

Cosm, the new parent company of Evans & Sutherland, Spitz, and LiveLike VR, has opened an Experience Center at the Salt Lake City, UT, headquarters of E&S, that features the first DomeX installation, a 66-foot (20-meter) direct-view 8K LED dome.

LFX Looks Back: Vol. 1, No. 1, October 1997

As LF Examiner approaches the end of its run later this year, we will look back at our 24 years of publishing with selections from previous issues. Volume 1, Number 1 of MaxImage (as LFX was originally known) was published in October of 1997. Its two lead articles reported on the annual conferences of the International Space Theater Consortium (ISTC) and the Large Format Cinema Association (LFCA), predecessors to the Giant Screen Cinema Association.

They are reprinted in full here.

The Biz: Headlines

  • GSCA announces Virtual Film Expo in April
  • AMC Theaters narrowly avoids bankruptcy again
  • New short from Todd Douglas Miller opens in IMAX: Apollo 11: Quarantine
  • Beijing International Film Festival invites GS films
  • Nomadland opens in IMAX theaters in Oscar bid

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