Links to Digital IMAX Controversy Articles

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April 27:

High Def Digest: Enjoy “Iron Man 2” by Avoiding “Fake IMAX”


Sept. 23:

Los Angeles Times: Will IMAX finally get real  about screen size 

Sept. 15: “Fake” IMAX coming to Stonebriar Center

Sept 2: It’s about more than just the giant screen, or is it? [link expired]

Sept. 2: Imax CEO defends screen size difference as ‘Star Trek’ returns to bigger screens.

August 16:

Charlotte Observer: Imaxed out on sound and fury

July 17:

Las Vegas Review Journal: Audiences paying for IMAX experience of summer blockbusters

June 30:

Digital City: MAX or LIEMAX? Paying Extra for IMAX Movies on Small Screens

June 28: A Call to Arms: Beware Fake IMAX Theaters

May 29:

Box Office Prophets: Hollywood Psych

May 27:

Roger Ebert’s Journal: That’s not the IMAX I grew up with

May 22:

CrunchGear: Not all IMAX screens are created equal beware phony IMAX screens

Los Angeles Times: Should Imax tell moviegoers the size of its screens?

SlashFilm: IMAX Claims 98% Of Moviegoers Don’t Notice The Difference… Yeah, Right!

Variety: Imax responds to screen size critics

May 21: IMAX CEO: Screen Size Isn’t Everything

May 20:

Living in Cinema: Imax: Proudly robbing you since 2003!

New York Magazine: Imax Has Been Cheating Moviegoers for Years, Says Imax

Seattle Times: Size doesn’t matter, says IMAX. Really? How Can IMAX Save Their Name Brand?

May 19:

Hollywood Reporter: Imax execs downplay importance of screen size

May 17:

Bayflicks: The Digital and Deflated Imax Experience

May 16:

Engadget: f you saw Star Trek or The Dark Knight on IMAX Digital, did you get your money’s worth? Saturday on the (Rebooted) Final Frontier

May 15:

BigScreen Journal: Is Your IMAX Theater Giving You the MAXimum Experience?

Paste Magazine: Aziz Ansari Launches Rant Against IMAX, CEO Nonchalantly Responds

May 13:

Den of Geek: The incredible shrinking IMAX screen

HoboTrashcan: Murphy’s Law – Sorry Gelfond, size does matter

Los Angeles Times: The new Imax experience: Is it a big screen or a big scam?

MTV Movies Blog: IMAX CEO Responds To Aziz Ansari’s Complaints

Reelviews Movie Reviews: The Great IMAX Scam

Reuters: ‘Star Trek’ breaks Imax record as purists grumble

Techdirt: AMC And IMAX Engaging In Deception? Calling Non-IMAX Films IMAX (And Charging More)

May 12:

Ansari’s original blog Aziz Ansari Takes On Goliath Screens Known As IMAX

Cinematical: Is IMAX Digital Ripping You Off with Smaller Screens?

Consumerist: Size Matters: Does Your Local Cinema Have IMAX or Just IMAX Lite?

Deadline Hollywood Daily: Is “IMAX Digital” Scamming Moviegoers? An Imax ripoff?

Living in Cinema: Imax? Isux

Ansari’s reply to Gelfond Aziz Ansari Blows Lid Off the Great IMAX Swindle [link expired]

MTV Movies Blog: Aziz Ansari Has Something To Tell You About IMAX

New York Magazine: Aziz Ansari Uncovers Massive IMAX Fraud

New York Magazine: Imax CEO Responds to Azizgate

SlashFilm: Why You Probably Shouldn’t Waste $5 More For Digital IMAX [link expired]

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