April 2019 Digest

Superpower Dogs from Cosmic Picture.

Pairing an Exhibit and GS Film on Dogs

Experience in many museums has shown that pairing a popular exhibit with a related GS film can be much more successful than either could be on its own, the whole exceeding the sum of its parts.

This year the first examples of a fully coordinated GS film and exhibition have opened, with Superpower Dogs from Cosmic Picture and “Dogs! A Science Tale,” developed by the California Science Center in Los Angeles.

GSCA Film Expo and Filmmakers’ Symposium

More than 200 people attended the Giant Screen Cinema Association’s Film Expo and Filmmakers’ Symposium in Los Angeles, March 11–13. The two-day Film Expo featured screenings of new films, clips of films in production, and presentations on films in development.

The Filmmakers’ Symposium included six sessions intended to acquaint newcomers to GS production with the unique aspects of the medium.

Our exclusive coverage includes details on the films presented and on sessions in the Filmmakers’ Symposium.

The Biz: Headlines

Shorts: Headlines

  • Euromax to hold 2019 meeting in Copenhagen in June
  • IMAX Dome Laser group founded, meeting in June
  • Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival rebranded as Jackson Wild
  • Next James Bond film partially shot on 15/65 film
  • THX to enter premium large format market
  • New 4K 3D 120 fps HFR system announced by Huaxia, Christie, GDC
  • Unusual “twin” dome theater premieres in China
  • Dark Knight trilogy shown on 15/70 film in five cities

Other features:

  • In production: 27 giant-screen films with credits and production updates
  • April 2019 bookings: 660 bookings of 93 films in 159 theaters

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