GSCA Announces Film Expo Session on HFR and HDR

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The Giant Screen Cinema Association has announced that the topic of the Innovations Session at its March Film Expo in Los Angeles will be “Completing the Transition from Film to Digital with HFR and HDR,” i.e., High Frame Rate and High Dynamic Range.

Scheduled for 4:45-6:15 pm on Tuesday, March 10, the session will close the two-day meeting.

The demonstration will include scenes from Ang Lee‘s 2019 feature Gemini Man, captured in 3D 4K at 120 frames per second, displayed in the only venue in North America capable of projecting 4K at that rate, using Christie Digital‘s Cinity dual-laser projection system.

Two key members of the Gemini Man production team will speak about the technologies involved: Ben Gervais (technical expert) and Demetri Porteli (stereographer). They will discuss the advantages of HFR and the technical challenges of shooting in the format.

The GSCA says, “These scenes represent a glimpse into the future of our format, when we fully embrace all that digital technology has to offer.”

GSCA will bus attendees to the private theater from Universal CityWalk for the demonstration, and return them after the 90-minute session.

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