April 2020: Effect of Coronavirus on GS

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The Effect of Coronavirus on the Giant Screen Business

More than 90% of all giant-screen and IMAX theaters have closed since mid-March because of the coronavirus pandemic. Our exclusive coverage examines the effect of the outbreak across the GS world, including the responses of theaters, producers, and other stakeholders.
In addition, GS veterans Diane Carlson and Paul Fraser offer their insights into how theaters and the industry can plan for reopening and recovering in the post-COVID world.

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GSCA’s Film Expo in L.A., March 9-10

The Giant Screen Cinema Association held its two-day Film Expo in Los Angeles in March. We report on the 12 new films, 17 films in production, and the nine films in development screened or presented, as well as on the Innovation Session about high frame rate.

Letter to the Editor

Director and producer Jonathan Bird of Oceanic Research Group explains why he has decided that his next GS film, Astronaut! Ocean to Orbit will be only 20 minutes long, and why the time may be right for more films at that length.

The Biz: Headlines

Other features:

In Production: 25 giant-screen films with credits and production updates.

And much more!

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