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[Update: We have frequently updated the details of this post as we have gathered more data.]

Updated April 6, 2020.

Nearly 90% of the world’s giant-screen and IMAX theaters are currently closed because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Of the 212 non-multiplex GS theaters in LF Examiner‘s database, 188 are closed (89%), 5 remain open (2%), and the status of 19 (9%) could not be determined from their Web sites.

Of the 1,412 IMAX theaters in multiplexes, 1,235 (87%) are currently closed, 26 (2%) are open, and the status of 151 (11%) was unknown as of April 6.

We have updated the Theaters page to indicate the status of their response to the Coronavirus. The first column of each row now indicates whether the theater is open, closed, or its status is unknown.

We attempted to collect information on virtually all giant-screen and IMAX theaters worldwide. Unfortunately, it is not clear from some theater Web sites whether they are still open, while other theaters appear not to have working Web sites.

We have also created a new page with links to the giant-screen world’s response to the crisis: complete GS films now available for screening at home, videos posted by museums, and other resources.

Please report any errors or updates, especially of theaters that have reopened.

We need your help! Please send us word of how your organization is dealing with the situation, suggestions for your colleagues, and of course, news of anyone in our business whose health has been directly affected.

E-mail us at [email protected], or use the contact form.

The April issue of LF Examiner will, of course, include a full report on the effect of the pandemic on the giant-screen world.

Read the full article here.

In the meantime, the Giant Screen Cinema Association has set up a forum for members to discuss the Coronavirus and the industry’s response to it.

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