Sept.-Oct. 2020: GSCA Virtual 2020

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Coronavirus Update

As of mid-October, about 47% of the worldwide inventory of 211 non-multiplex GS screens have reopened following extended closures caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Some 40 other institutions have opened their facilities but not yet reopened their GS theaters.
Our exclusive coverage documents the continuing effects of the pandemic on GS theaters, filmmakers, distributors, and Hollywood.

GSCA’s Virtual Conference Coverage

The Giant Screen Cinema Association held its annual conference online, Sept. 22–24, the same dates it had planned to meet in Chicago. Our coverage describes several of the sessions that were part of the unique meeting.

The Story of Kansas’ Cosmosphere


The Cosmosphere, in Hutchinson, KS, was among the first IMAX Dome theaters in the world. Consultant Diane Carlson spoke with three people who have been key players in its history: early staff member Mary Jane Dodge, Imax Corp. co-founder Graeme Ferguson, and current CEO James Remar.

Three Lawsuits v. Imax Corporation

Imax Corporation is a defendant in three recently filed lawsuits. In two, former employees allege they have been wrongfully terminated and the victims of age or disability discrimination and harassment. In the third, the sons and grandsons of mountaineer Edmund Hillary claim, among other things, that after a documentary on the Hillary family was canceled, Imax and a production company wrongfully deprived them of income and other rights.

The Biz: Headlines

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Katrina Stevens
Katrina Stevens

Shorts: Headlines

LF Examiner to Cease Publishing

After more than 23 years, LF Examiner will cease publishing with the Summer 2021 issue. Although I had planned to retire sometime in the next few years, the decline of the giant-screen industry and the economic effects of the Coronavirus have led me to hasten the process.

We will continue to accept new subscriptions for the remaining issues, and subscribers whose subscriptions expire before summer 2021 will be able to renew for the remaining issues, all at pro-rated prices, of course.

Because subscriptions pay in advance for work to be done over the following year, I will have nearly no income over the next year, and must therefore reduce expenditures as much as possible. For this reason, starting now, all remaining issues will be delivered by e-mail as PDF files. The files will be individually password protected, and subscribers will be permitted to print them if they wish.

This Web site will remain online indefinitely, and I will attempt to keep the database of GS theaters and films updated after the last issue is published. I am looking into the feasibility of putting the content of the entire run of LF Examiner online.

I sincerely appreciate the support the newsletter has received since I founded it in 1997. It has been my privilege to work in and serve the GS community since 1984.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

James Hyder

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