Welcome to the New LFexaminer.com!

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As you can see, we’ve updated the site with a cleaner, more modern look, and added new features and capabilities. All the content from the old site is here, although in some cases it’s in different forms. The URLs for some pages have changed, so if you’ve bookmarked any of the old pages, please update them with the new addresses.

The biggest change is to our database pages. The old static lists of theaters and films are now interactive, and permit sorting and filtering. The query pages on the old site have been eliminated because you can now do the same searches directly on the list pages, with greater flexibility and control.

Although we’re pretty happy with the new site, it is still a work in progress, and we hope to make more changes and upgrades in the future.

Will we be posting the content of the print edition on the site? We’re still looking into that possibility. It’s not as simple (or cheap!) as we had hoped, but if we can do it within the limits of our resources, we will.

If you have any suggestions for improvements we can make to the site, please feel free to join the online discussion, or send us a private message.

Thanks for your support of LF Examiner!

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