April 2021: First-hand Report on DomeX

A First-Hand Report on Cosm’s DomeX LED Dome

Cosm, the new parent company of Evans & Sutherland, Spitz, and Live Like VR, has launched an Experience Center that features the first DomeX system, a 66-foot (20-meter) 8K direct-view LED dome. The company invited the editor of LF Examiner to see the system in person in early April.


Diane Carlson looks behind the scenes of Stephen Low’s Train Time

Train Time

GS veteran Diane Carlson talks with director Stephen Low,director of photography Tristan Breeuwer,and executive producer Pietro Serapiglia about the Stephen Low Company‘s newest film.

Films presented at the GSCA’s virtual Film Expo 2021

The Giant Screen Cinema Association‘s Virtual Film Expo included presentations on 17 new films, 14 films in production, and three films in development. We provide details on all of them. (Our coverage of the professional development sessions will appear in a future issue.)

The Biz: Headlines

  • GSCA to hold virtual conference in fall 2021
  • Chicago’s Navy Pier IMAX closes permanently
  • Brad Wechsler stepping down as Imax Corporation chair
  • Imax, Barco extend projector deal
  • L.A.’s Cinerama Dome closes permanently

In Memoriam

We remember space film producer Phyllis Ferguson and composer Micky Erbe.

Micky Erbe
Phyllis Ferguson

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