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Director Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk will have the largest 70mm release in 25 years, with at least 33 15/70 prints and 109 5/70 prints set to be screened in theaters in 21 countries worldwide, starting July 19.

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In November 2010, Imax Corporation’s Therese Andrade called more than 30 IMAX theaters to warn them that participating in the Giant Screen Cinema Association’s new “Bigger. Bolder. Better.” marketing program might violate the terms of their IMAX system leases.

Harry Potter Half Blood Prince

The release of the IMAX version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was pushed back to July 29, 2009, two weeks after the film’s wide release in conventional theaters on June 15.

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Imax Corporation CEO Richard Gelfond says the company will take steps to give customers more information about its multiplex theaters, after a controversy sparked by a comedian’s blog generated two weeks of sometimes harsh criticism of the company from the media and the public.